Personal Evaluation for Assignment 3

I have found Part Three to be a valuable learning experience. I have learnt new solutions to drawing things such as trees I had thought of as tricky. Also it was very helpful to brush up on perspective that I’m sure I learnt in CDT at GCSE but had all but forgotten. This will help me create strong foundations on which to build future drawings and paintings.

I have also discovered during the work for this section that I am becoming more and more interested in representational art and a classical drawing style. I hope to improve my own drawing along classical lines in part 4 as figure drawing in the perfect subject for this.

I have continued to try to draw more with tone mass than with line. I think I have improved a little. I see it as some thing that needs lots of practice to start seeing more in form than line.

Drawing statues was brilliant and some thing I hope to do a lot more of. I look forwards to part four, figure drawing where I can try my hand at the real thing, people.

Demonstration of technical and visual skills:

Materials – I have continued to use a broad spectrum of materials. I do favour charcoal, soft pastels as they are most like paint with blending qualities and the ability to lay a large mass down in one gesture. The new soft oil pastels I used for the tonal study for the assignment where very pleasing to work with. I will be looking to  with use them more in the next part.

I am weak with pens. I probably should try to improve this side of my drawing. But it is not my happiest medium to use.

Techniques – I used a verity of techniques, from stipple to smudge to wash. I suppose I could have been more experimental with it. But I wanted to focus on producing an accurate representation rather than take risks this time.

Observational skills – This was a good exercise in observational skill. I worked from looking out of windows and not photos. My ability with scale and proportion certainly improved as the assignment progressed.

With my chosen assignment view it was interesting to observe the view changing over the 3 weeks I was drawing it at different times of day. The colours changed with weather conditions. Shadows grew and shrank. Mist or darkness sometimes obscured the more distant elements. The view was never quite the same twice. Also enhanced by the comings and goings of the people and verticals on road and in the park. I sort to capture this changing scene in my sketch books. I feel I did an ok job at this. Colour wise I could do with refining my skills. Although this should get easier with paints as drawing stuff can be limiting colour wise. Although I should see this as a challenge not a handicap.

Visual Awareness –  A strange thing seems to have occurred. The drawings I have produced of views seem to be of a similar lay out. This is to say the page is framed by large (close to) elements either side then some objects spreading out from the horizon line. Then negative space of a sort being sky or water or grass or road. This can be seen in ‘Limited Pallet Study,’ ‘Plotting Space Through Composition’, in some of the ‘Sketch Book of Townscape Drawings’ and Some what in the final drawing, although the bottom element is filed with plant. Nothing to worry about really. But in future I will be aware of it. Next time I tackle a townscape I will aim to get more action in the middle. See how it turns out.

Design and compositional skills – I have touched on design and composition above. For the assignment drawing I managed the composition some what by propping the plant up on a tool box to get it in the frame. I chose a zoomed in view, not a view of the whole window. Looking at this view face on means seeing only the next door building face on. So no perspective to speak of. That is why I chose to look through the window at an angle down to the park. More depth of field this way with distant Forrest becoming a nice element to practice arial perspective.

I did struggle with the one point perspective element of the chosen view, especially in the final drawing where I redrew the angles several times. I’m still don’t think they are quite sever enough. This element is on the right hand side of the drawing.

The perspective on the floor tiles doesn’t look quite right. Saying this I did measure and remeasure (visually) by holding up a ruler on the tile line as I observed it then translating this angle to the page. This could be because my view point was at the far left of drawing. So the lines appear straight. I think it is correct to life. But when viewing a picture you expect the lines to move away along the horizontal towards the edges.

Quality of Outcome:

Content – I worked hard on this one. I am pleased with the amount of work and the fact I developed this assignment properly. Working out the problems and questions brought up by the process as I went. By the time of the concluding drawing I had a very clear and structured plan. Although the final drawing dose lack a little some thing, as a learning experience this assignment has be fantastic.

Application of knowledge – I used what I had learnt in Part 3. I think I incorporated all of it into the final assignment. This allowed me to revise in some detail what I had learnt and put it in to practice. I am happy I have a good understanding of what was learnt in this section. Some elements need more practise to perfect.

Presentation of work in a coherent manor –  I have given my learning log blog an new look for 2014. This makes it easy to skim through the exercises which I have now clearly labelled.

In addition to this I have labelled and listed all work that has been sent to tutor.

Discernment – I think I have shown better judgement in this assignment. The fact that I kept the momentum going as time is tight helped me to keep a coherent train of thought. I methodically tried things out then either decide to include or disregard moving forwards through the developmental drawings to the final out come.

Conceptualisation of thoughts – I think the assignment shows I am working more methodically to conceptualise and then realise ideas and solutions.

Communication of ideas –  I record much of this in my learning log as well as notes in the sketch books. I probably waffle on far to much!

Demonstration of Creativity:

Imagination – I kept to a formal style of drawing here. Being aware representational drawing is what is being looked for. Granted, its not a ‘blue sky’ outcome.

Experimentation – I have experimented with techniques and mediums.

Invention – I suppose you could say I’v been a little inventive with my set up?

Development of personal voice – No! I think my personal voice my be moving in a different direction. Its in a state of flux.


Reflection – I’v analysed the heck out of this assignment.

Research – I am satisfied I have done relevant research that has shaped the direction I went with this assignment.

Critical Thinking – I enjoy the critical thinking. Analysing the work of others helps me understand their voice and methods. It also helps me develop as an artist.


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