Pr2-Ex2: Angular Perspective


A4 with ink pen and F pencil.

I chose this view of unloved barn with abandoned builders office pushed up against it as it’s a building I have been familiar with for decades and I thought the two opposing angles of barn and mobile office could make for an interesting composition.


  • I’m happy with the over all look. The fine tip of the pen gave me excellent control over detail and crating tone by adding more or less marks.
  • I deployed a spot of Ariel perspective with the tree in the back ground. By using light broken lines rather than a heavy silhouette I think I have managed to give the barn precedence over the tree. some thing I struggled with in the past.


  • Although the ground up to the front of the barn does slop upwards It is not as much as it seems in the drawing. To correct this in future drawings I must be aware to make shadow lines, marks at correct angle in relation to the buildings horizontals lines.

Angular (two point) Perspective:

Picture 5

Diagram shows the two main sets of angular perspective present.

Picture 2

Parallel lines traced to their vanishing point along horizon line.

Picture 8

parallel lines measured against horizon line and vertical line

First thing to point out I made this drawing from a photo taken on a raised platform (old  raised foundations of an agricultural tin barn that no longer stands.) This is why the horizon line is higher than you might expect. I did not scale up the drawing but drew free hand to be sure to practise getting the parallel lines right by eye.

Some lines are more correct than others as you can see. As the barn is warped by time the vertical corner line is actually on an angle. However I drew the vertical measuring line on a right angle to the horizon line. It leads me to ask the question. Must the horizon line and vertical line always be at right angles to each other for angular perspective to work? I think the answer is no, but if they are not at right angles distortion will occur in the rectangle created where the parallel lines meet. In the case of this barn that would be an accurate representation.

The angles on the top planks on the left hand face of the barn are not really sever enough. When I pencilled them in at a sever angle they looked odd to me so I straighten them out a bit even though it means they are not accurate, visually I think they look ok.

Picture 3

Parallel lines traced to the V.P along horizon line

Picture 4

Angular perspective in action.

Because the mobile office is on sloping ground the horizon line for this object is now angled. All of the parallel lines fall below it from eye level. I’m pleased that I got the top quite accurate as tiny foreshortened glimpse can be tricky. The parallel line angles  of the right hand face (or end) of the mobile are incorrect and would perhaps never have meet as they are too parallel to each other. This would be accurate if the rectangle was face on not angled. I drew the guide lines (in red) on a more accurate path so they do meet at the V.P.


About Emma Perring

Artist, oil painter

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