Pr4-Ex3: Drawing Using Oil Pastels


  • Oil Pastel
  • A3 light grey Ingress paper

I am quite happy with how this one turned out. I do like using oil pastels so was nice to have a chance to use them. In the past I have used them  with a heavier hand so nice to see the results of lightly hatching my way around the composition.

At first I thought I may have made the fruits to small on the page. I think it kind of works. There is nice paths for the eye to walk around in the picture such as the diagonal from front apple thought plate – marrow then up the pineapple, then back to the front via the cloth creases. There is to much negative space top left, the wall. I used different coloured dashes to try to make it more interesting. I used directional marks. Vertical on the wall, diagonal on the table surface and curbed on the fruits to suggest at their plane and from.

The pineapple is a bit week. I over worked it. Should have left it vague as it is in the back ground. I like the marrow which I hardly worked at all. The grey tone of the paper seemed to finish the job for me. The shape is there and it is recognisable so I left it.

I’m happy with the apples. I chose some with beautiful stripy coloured textured skin. Worked well I think. The Tom’s are ok too. The plate – I must work on ellipses. It’s letting me down a bit. I think I will start marking the four conners and join up when trying to depict a true (man made) ellipse.

Building the drawing as a whole

Building the drawing as a whole

I am pleased that I am now naturally building the drawings as a whole rather than working right to left as I used to. It certainly give a more coherent finish. Also I am achieving the same results in a much quicker time. Must be all the practice!


About Emma Perring

I am an artist working in mainly soft pastel at present.

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