Pr3-Ex1: Still Life Group Using Line



drawing shows a half baked attempt at exercise one ‘still life line drawing’. I couldn’t get into the mood of yet more drawing which felt like repeating part one. I had lost my drawing mojo.

I decided to give myself a few weeks off from course work. In this time I did a bit of painting which I was really missing. It has done the trick. I am now refreshed and ready to return to the drawing with a renewed drive..


Ok so here is line drawing take two.. The first shows a brief depiction of the arrangement just using line. The arraignment consists of apples and pears on some interesting textures of tissue paper and sugar paper. Behind I added two wine glasses just to give the composition a little height. This first drawing has too much negative space.

The second drawing shows a zoomed in view also showing the blinds  in the back ground. This does improve the drawing and gives it a real life situation and depth. In this drawing Is suggest tone with the flat side of the griphit stick.


I rearranged the objects and focused in on the fruit cutting out the wine glasses and blinds.

I wanted to make another quick mono tone study. I am pleased to see it turned out a little (I stress ‘a little’) like Cezanne’s drawing of apples and pears in the course martial that I have spent a fair bit of time staring at.ex2-t1

The first image shows where I would have left the image. But with my tutors words echoing in my brain ‘add the back ground’ I continued on with it adding further tone and a suggestion at the tissue paper back drop. The back drop was in darker but I felt it distracted from the subject and needed to receded more. So i rubbed it with a putty rubber to fade. I am pleased I continued on with it. I can see how adding the table surface and paper at the front has allowed the fruits to sit on the table instead of float in space.


These drawings where made using:

  • A2 cartridge paper
  • 9B chunky graphite stick

About Emma Perring

I am an artist working in mainly soft pastel at present.


  1. Love your final piece here… I’d be so happy if I’d drawn that!

  2. Thanks v much. I was pretty chuffed and surprised 😉

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