Pr2-Ex3: Stipples and Dots

shellsI got off to a slow start on this exercise as I think the brighter days are making me want to reach for the paint brush rather than the drawing apparatus. After a few painful hours of force stippling I got into it.

I’m glad I finally had the opportunity to use the felts to mix up the colours in a Renoir (ish) style.


Making a start


Coming to life



I used dots and dashes to try to recreate one of natures treasures.

Although very time consuming some interesting results can be made using this method. The fact the white space between the dots can be toned down by building the colour or left very airy by only a few dots gives a loverly light finish. The dots and dashes them self create an energy. We see this in the work of Vincent Van Gogh.

I particularly liked the shell when it was half finished and the pencil marks are rubbed away. Part shell part abstract form. The dots do seem to take on a life of their own. Like a swarm of insects in the sky. Would be fun to do a large scale drawing where the dots and dashes converge in certain areas to form semi recognisable shapes/objects. Other areas they are in a loser airy formation. Like dispersed atoms. Other areas are negative space.

I like this method with different colour felts. I’d like to use it again.

With the second shell I wanted to do a monotone stipple. The first shell was quite flat. That was a study of texture and colour, light and shade. This study is more concerned with depicting form. Looking at it now I think the bottom protrusions look to be on the wrong angle. Pointing down to much. That’s a shame. I should have noticed it in the drawing stage.

I didn’t have a black fine liner to hand so used the orange. That is why I have included a black and white version, to see how it looks.




Grey Scale


About Emma Perring

I am an artist working in mainly soft pastel at present.


  1. I really like the two completely differing approaches you took to this one – the first looks almost like a landscape… a flame tree against a rainbow sky! Great stuff, Emma.

  2. Ha, love the interpretation! Thanks Mags. 🙂

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