Pr2-Ex1: Boxes and Books Ex2: Jars and Jugs


Exercise 1, Boxes and Books

This exercise was about seeing perspective correctly. I gathered a heap of books and boxes of various shapes and sizes and arranged them on the floor. I then lay on the floor so my eye line was pretty much level with the arrangement.




  • Drawing a bit tricky lying on your front.
  • My brain kept trying to trick me when it came to fore shortening. The tops of the objects from my view point became shorter than the side.
  • Even though in reality  they are longer. It took me a while to really listen to my eye and just draw what I saw. Not what I knew about the physicality of the object.

Exercise 1, Boxes and Books


In this image I have noted where the eye line is. It shows the changing perspective when looking down and then up objects.


Exercise 2, Jars and Jugs






I used an A3 pad to complete three drawings of this collection of cylindrical objects.

This time I arranged them on a table for the first drawing and sat in front of them. I used a hb pencil pen to ensure a consistent sharp point.

For the second view I arranged the items on the floor and looked down on them. The ellipse really opened up becoming nearly circular.


Exercise 2, Jars and Jugs, looking down


Exercise 2, Jars and Jugs, Pen

For the final Drawing I used Pen.

Some unfortunate cropping accrued as I started the composition too far left. Also the distance between the objects is not quite correct. In life they where more portrait in composition. The visual distance from the front mug to the back vase is grater than you see here. The items became bunched. Had I started in pencil I would have made the corrections.

Some thing to bare in mid for future studies.


About Emma Perring

I am an artist working in mainly soft pastel at present.

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